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Katherine Business and Community Highlights

Welcome to Katherine, a town situated in the Northern Territory of Australia. In this web page, we will be exploring the best of business and community in and around Katherine.

Business: The town of Katherine deals majorly in Agriculture, Tourism, Health, and Retail, contributing a significant amount to the economy of Northern Territory. Katherine is known for producing mangoes, melons, and other tropical fruits. The Katherine Gorge tourism industry attracts visitors from all over the world, while the retail industry is a significant source of lifestyle and life needs for Katherine residents.
Some of the notable businesses in the town include Katherine Hospital, Katherine Research Station, Katherine Cinema, and Katherine Country Club.

Community: Katherine is a vibrant town with a tightly-knit community, and there are several community organizations that cater to the needs of its residents. These organizations offer several services, including mental health support, sports clubs, community events, and more. Here are some of the community organizations that stand out:
- Katherine Regional Arts - This organization is dedicated to promoting and supporting arts in the region. Katherine Regional Arts offers art programs for children, teens, and adults, as well as art exhibitions and festivals throughout the year.
- Katherine Isolated Children's Services - This organization provides support services to families living in remote areas surrounding Katherine. They offer education, care, and support to children through playgroups, early learning centers, and family day care services.
- Leukaemia Foundation - This organization provides support and care for people with blood cancer and their families. The Leukaemia Foundation's Katherine office provides information, financial support, and accommodation for residents who need to travel for treatment.
- Katherine Community Markets - These markets are held every Saturday and are a significant social event for the Katherine community. The markets showcase local produce, arts and crafts, and other accessories, bringing residents from all over the town together.

Katherine is a town that thrives on the business and community working together, and this has contributed to its development and success. Visit Katherine and explore our rich businesses, organizations, and communities.

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